Sunday, February 18, 2007

Phonin' it in

I have acquired a new hair color. Not on purpose. I needed a new box of hair dye. My husband called from the store. They did not have my color. I picked a new color over the phone. Yep.

I checked out the box when he got home. It was red. Really red.

When I put it on my head it was dark. Really dark.

I was afraid I was going to look like this.

I don't do goth. I mean I'm pale, but not on purpose or anything.

When I washed it out it looked like the shower scene from Psycho. As the red water pooled around my feet I checked my self for machete wounds.

It turned out ok. The Boy actually said he liked it. And he doesn't notice anything.

Maybe I should make all of my beauty descisions by phone.

The Girl had her big tea party for her two Grandmas today. It had been in the planning for 2 weeks as a homeschool project. She made invitations, placemats, learned how to set the table, and how to be a good hostess. We made cookies from scratch (still surprised hell didn't freeze over) and tiny little tea sandwiches. We all dressed for tea.

My lovely little hostess greeted them at the door, thanked them for coming, and took their purses. She passed out cookies and sandwiches like a pro. As she daintily nibbled her sandwich, she belched. Loudly. And burst into gales of 3 year old screeching laughter. When jelly dripped on her arm, she licked it off like a cat. She ate a sugar cube and licked the peach preserves off of the knife. She gave herself a sponge bath with her cloth napkin and water glass.

It was the best tea party I have ever been to.

Note: In the pics of The Girl, note the eyeshadow. She could not choose between two shades of pink so she used them both. One on each eye.

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Post the morticia photos of you!!!

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