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May Blog Exchange - Mother May I?

These posts are part of our May Blog Exchange on the theme Mother May I. Click around to read some of the other posts: Nancy, Vicki, Julie, Chase, Stacy, Christina, , Jen, Mabel, TB, Mel, Izzy, Mayberry Mom, Amy, and Laurie. If you’d like to participate in the June Exchange, please email Kristen at kmei26 at Enjoy!

Please welcome Mabel from

My mother has been gone for more than 8 years now. Her absence has made me think more and more over the years about what my reaction to certain things will be if and when I have children of my own. There are days I think I'd be a great parent. Then there are the days I know my child would think (or rather know) that I'm the Antichrist, put on earth just to torment the living daylights out of him or her. Especially her. Heaven help if I ever have a daughter. I can just hear it now...

Mother? May I...

Get a tattoo?
Well, that would mean your a grown up now right? Well as a grown-up, the mortgage is due on the second, pay that and you can get a tattoo.

Have my boyfriend stay the night?
Sure... In the garage with your father, you're sleeping in my room with me.

Get my drivers license?
Has hell frozen over? Didn't think so...

Go away to college?
When you're Thirty. Five.

Maybe I'll relax a little, if and when the day comes. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll end up one of those crazy mothers on Wife Swap who shares a bed with her 7 children aged 2-17 and never lets them out of her view. All I know is? I'd better have an unlimited supply of Prozac and Xanax when the "Mother May I"'s start....

And now we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Today, Mel can be found over at my blog Thank you to Mel and to her readers for putting up with my random insanity.


Anonymous motherhooduncensored said...

Yeah. Lord knows I'm not looking forward to them either...

10:45 AM  
Blogger Stefanie said...

Hey, I live on antidepressants and Xanax now and my daughter's only a year and a half! I think I will be a full blown alchy by the time she's a teen.

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Izzy said...

Loved those answers! You remind me of

12:09 AM  

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