Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hold those gifts. The pity party has been postponed...

My husband had his phone interview today. It seems to have gone well. They would like him to fly out to CA for an interview. That sounds promising. They said they had several other candidates. That sucks. But flying out for an interview doesn't seem like something they would do for a big maybe. We'll see. Now my fate is in the hands of a human resources lady who is supposed to call my husband to set up the day for him to fly out. How long does that take usually? A day? A few days? Weeks? Argh.

Right now my husband is freezing his butt off in a state whose only claims to fame are cheese and Brett Farve. And I'm here in "mommy. mommy! mama. mom! Mah-Meee! I neeeeed you!" hell. I swear both of the kids are getting NyQuil tonight (got any to spare, Nello?) because I need a freakin' (or foreskin) break. I. Need. A. Break.

So, now if anyone can tell me what the timeline is for this hiring crap, I would appreciate it. I have been through it before but can't seem to find the memory of the experience for reference...what with all the anxiety clogging my neurons. Or if you can't help with that...anyone know someone who would like to be the new owner of a great, little maternity and children's boutique in Colorado?


Anonymous Kristen said...

I would totally love that business - but alas, I am here in MS - and most likely DE next.

As for the job, it depends on how fast they want to fill the position, but I imagine it will be booked in the next week or so with him going out in 2-3 weeks at the latest. I'm not the best at this stuff, though.

And get some nyquil - and yourself some good alkihol.

Wish ya lived closer - we could have a sleepover party.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

Waiting for call backs on job interviews is the pits. Go soak in a hot bath with adult-type bubbles.

3:05 AM  

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